The Yogi Bear Show: Ring-a-Ding Picnic Basket ()

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The Yogi Bear Show: Ring-a-Ding Picnic Basket

Directed by:

William Hanna

Joseph Barbera


William Hanna

Joseph Barbera

Animated by:

Lewis Marshall

Music by:

Hoyt Curtin

Layouts by:

Dick Bickenbach

Backgrounds by:

Robert Gentle



Release date:


Running time:


Color process:



Ranger Joe buys a new booby-trapped picnic basket to discourage Yogi Bear’s picnic-stealing habits, but it’s all for naught. However, when Yogi hears Ranger Joe talking on the phone about shooting an animal and shipping it to the zoo, he assumes that the ranger is talking about him. Yogi tries to be on his best behaviour, and Ranger Joe fears he’s broken Yogi’s spirit. Finally, the two realize their miscommunication when Yogi is attacked by a ferocious lion, the animal Ranger Joe had been speaking about on the phone.

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