Astro Boy S1/E1: The Birth of Astro Boy ()

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Astro Boy S1/E1: The Birth of Astro Boy

Directed by:

Osamu Tezuka

Gisaburo Sugii

Daisaku Sakamoto

Eiichi Yamamoto

Osamu Dazki

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Minoru Okazaki

Fusahito Nagaki


Osamu Tezuka

Animated by:

Yûsaku Sakamoto

Gizaburô Sugii

Motoaki Ishii

Shigeru Yamamoto

Yoshifumi Seyama

Eimei Kitano

Shigeru Aoki

Nobuhiro Okasako

Eiji Tanaka

Kanji Akahori

Music by:

Tatsuo Takei


Mushi Productions

Release date:


Running time:

27 min

Color process:



Grief-stricken by the death of his son, Tobio, Dr. Tenma vows to create a new, robotic son in his image. The experiment is a success, but Dr. Tenma doesn’t find the happiness he expected. He grows angry at the robot, that he cannot grow or act like a normal young boy, and eventually sells him to a robot circus. But Astro Boy’s adventures are just beginning.

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