Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse

Directed by:

William HannaJoseph Barbera


Fred Quimby

Animated by:

Ed Barge

Michael Lah

Kenneth Muse

Al Grandmain

Ray Patterson

Pete Burness

Music by:

Scott Bradley


MGMHanna-Barbera Studios

Release date:


Running time:

7:24 minutes.

Color process:



A Tom and Jerry cartoon, riffing off of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, in which Tom concocts a deadly potion but finds that it only makes Jerry stronger.


  • Academy Award Nominee, Best Short Subject (Cartoon), 1948.


In a 1947 article called “Personality in the Soundtrack” composer Scott Bradley writes that in this cartoon as Jerry stalks Tom, “the full orchestra plays an ostinato march, the harmonic structure being based on parallel fourths in altered form, while the timpani and four horns blast out the Superman theme. Fun? Loads of it! I’d rather score a cartoon like this than a half-dozen ordinary live-action pictures. No noisy actors shouting at the top of their voices, drowning perfectly good music!”


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