Gumby Episode Three: The Little Lost Pony ()

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Gumby Episode Three: The Little Lost Pony

Directed by:

Art Clokey


Art Clokey

Animated by:

Ray Peck

Pete Kleinow

Jim Danforth

Bob Danuser

Roland Shutt

Ralph Rodine

Doug Beswick

Bob Keese

Harry Walton

Music by:

John Seely

Pete Kleinow


Clokey Productions

Release date:


Running time:



Gumby is watching television when he hears of a pony escaped from a nearby storybook. He finds the lost pony stuck to a train track while he’s out playing, and learns that the pony, whose name is Pokey, is not really lost at all, just bored. Pokey takes Gumby to visit his world, a Western-themed story book. Two sinister characters out to claim the reward for the pony’s capture track Gumby and Pokey to a nearby saloon, where they slip ice cream into Gumby’s drink, freezing him solid. They escape with Pokey while Gumby defrosts. Gumby chases the sinister characters down, rescues Pokey, and is himself able to claim the reward: one hundred ice cream cones.

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