Lambert the Sheepish Lion ()

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Lambert the Sheepish Lion

Directed by:

Jack Hannah


Walt Disney

Animated by:

Eric Larson

John Lounsbery

Don Lusk

Judge Whitaker

Dan MacManus

Music by:

Joseph S. Dubin

Layouts by:

Yale Gracey

Backgrounds by:

Ray Huffine


Walt Disney Studios

Release date:


Running time:

8 min

Color process:



Lambert, a lion cub mistakenly delivered to a lonely ewe by a stork, struggles to fit in with a flock of sheep. Despite his ferocious appearance, the other lambs bully him, and he grows up shy, sensitive, and easily frightened. But his temperament is put to a test one night when a hungry wolf attacks his mother. 


The film was nominated for an Academy Award in the category of Best Animated Short.

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