Oswald – All Wet ()

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Oswald – All Wet

Directed by:

Walt Disney


Charles Mintz, George Winkler

Animated by:

Ub Iwerks

Hugh Harman

Les Clark

Isadore Freleng

Ben Clopton

Norm Blackburn

Rollin Ham Hamilton

Paul Smith.



Release date:


Running time:

7 min

Color process:



Oswald has a hotdog stand that is plagued by mice. He closes the stand to pursue Fanny romantically. After Fanny rejects Oswald’s advances, he bribes a lifeguard to let him take over in order that Oswald can impress Fanny. After Fanny notices Oswald is a lifeguard, she pretends to be in danger so that he will come save her. As Oswald makes his way over to Fanny she is bit by a fish. When Oswald saves Fanny they kiss.

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