Popeye the Sailor

Directed by:

Dave Fleischer


Max Fleischer

Animated by:

Roland Crandall

Seymour Kneitel


Paramount Productions


This Popeye The Sailor cartoon features Betty Boop, as well as a live action intro featuring Popeye on the cover of a real newspaper. In this cartoon short Olive and Popeye go to the fun fare, and play games in attempt to win prizes, only to be usurped by the villain Bluto, who tries to kidnap Olive later on in the cartoon and places her on the train tracks. One interesting visual gag repeated is Popeye’s ability to punch a large object into many smaller pieces of the same object, such as him turning a giant tuna fish into smaller cans of packaged tuna. In one sequence, Betty Boop dances on stage in a hawaiian outfit, with Popeye joining her wearing a skirt made of the Bearded Lady’s hair.

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