The Great Bluegrass Mountain Race ()

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The Great Bluegrass Mountain Race

Directed by:

Fred Calvert

Janis Diamond


Fred Calvert

Animated by:

Leo D. Sullivan

Joan Case

Joel Seibel

Carole Beers

John Bruno

Kimie Calvert

David Christianson

Doug Crane

Len Glasser

Rod McCall

Leo D. Sullivan

Music by:

Charles Blaker

Corky Greene

Layouts by:

Floyd Norman

Norly Paat

Wallace Sides

Backgrounds by:

Walt Peregoy

Collin Campbell


Farmhouse Films

Release date:


Running time:



This is the tenth episode of the short-lived series, I Am the Greatest!: The Adventures of Muhammad Ali. Muhammad Ali, Damon, and Nicky help their friend, a train engineer named Jimmy, win a race against two dishonest truckers.

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