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  • Arthur (Art) Babbitt

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    "Art was born in Omaha of Russian Jewish ancestry. Soon after High School he took himself to New York where he slummed around doing odd jobs and eating stale food to put himself through Columbia College Pre Med. He tried some jobs drawing cartoons and..."

    Harry M. Benshoff

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    "Harry M. Benshoff is a professor and researcher in media arts, researching extensively about film theory, film genre, multiculturalism, film history, queer theory and animation labour."

    John Canemaker

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    "John Canemaker is an Academy Award-winning animator and an internationally renowned animation historian and teacher. A key figure in American independent animation, Canemaker’s work has a distinctive personal style emphasizing emotion, personality ..."

    Miguel Covarrubias

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    "Born in Mexico City, Miguel immigrated to New York City at the age of nineteen. Already an established artist in Mexico, he was able to quickly make a name for himself in the U.S. Mexican poet José Juan Tablada and New York Times critic/photographer..."

    Don Graham

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    "He was among the first graduating class of Chouinard. He continued to study and paint landscapes until 1930 when he returned to Los Angeles and was hired by Mrs. Chouinard as life drawing instructor for the next four years. His education as a drawing..."