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John Dilworth

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"1991-present President, STRETCH FILMS, Inc. Animation Studio founded by John R. Dilworth, producing and directing award-winning films that have been screened at film festivals and theaters worldwide, and have been included in film programs at the Met..."

Frank Gladstone

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"Gladstone has lectured on the animation industry at schools and institutions throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia and the Caribbean. He has taught various animation, cinematography and motion picture courses and workshops at, and on behalf of, Stanford ..."

Marie-Georges-Jean Méliès

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"George Méliès was one of the earliest filmmakers, and one of the few who experimented with the vast trick and illusionist possibilities of film, inventing a wide range of cinematic techniques. These techniques include substitution splices, multiple..."

Patrick Anthony (Pat) Powers

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"Pat Powers was an influential American businessman who was involved with the film and animation developments inAmericaduring the first part of the twentieth century. His most important development being the work of Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks, who he b..."