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Heino Pars

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"Heino Pars was born in Mustla, Viljandi County in Estonia on October 13, 1925. He was raised with an older brother and sister. He grew up with an interest in theatre and acted in several school plays. Near the beginning of World War II, Estonia wa..."

Jiří Trnka

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"Jiří Trnka was born in Pilsen (now Plzeň), Bohemia in the Austro-Hungarian Empire on February 24, 1912. His artistic career began shortly after winning a design competition organized by Josef Skupa, who was a Czech puppeteer, in 1921. He worked wi..."

Elbert Tuganov

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"Elbert Tuganov was born February 22, 1920, in Baku, Azerbaijan. At four years old, he moved to Berlin where he lived with his aunt. Tuganov had a natural talent for drawing and grew up making caricatures of his teachers in school, which often got ..."