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Heck (Henry) Allen

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"Heck Allen was an American screenwriter, novelist and story artist who worked as a contract writer at MGM in the late 30's, writing for Harman and Ising's Barney Bear series and had a long standing collaboration with

Ken Anderson

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"Versatile talent lent to a long and project filed career in animation. Remembered best for his work as art director on Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)."

Warren Foster

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"Warren Foster was an American animator, writer and composer, known for his work first at Warner Bros. and later at Hanna-Barbera. "

James Algar

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"James Algar was an animator, director, and screenwriter associated with The Walt Disney Studios from his time of employment in 1934 to his retirement in 1977. Algar attended Stanford University, where he was the editor of the university’s humour ma..."

Duke Redbird

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"In the 1960s, Dr. Duke Redbird began his career as an actor and poet and became a political and social activist advocating for Aboriginal and Métis rights. He prominently performed spoken word poetry at folk festivals and coffee houses. He was also ..."

Hermína Týrlová

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"Often called the mother of Czech animation, Hermína Týrlová was a pioneer in the long Czech tradition of puppet and stop-motion animation. She helped to found animation production at the major company Ziln Studios, laying further groundwork for fu..."