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Heck (Henry) Allen

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"Heck Allen was an American screenwriter, novelist and story artist who worked as a contract writer at MGM in the late 30's, writing for Harman and Ising's Barney Bear series and had a long standing collaboration with

Carl Barks

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"Carl Barks was an American cartoonist who was most well-known for drawing Donald Duck as well as creating the iconic character of Scrooge McDuck. "

Cecil Beard

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"Art, cartooning and story writing had Cecil's main interests all his life. At the tender age of 13 he saved up money he had earned with after school jobs and sent for a mail order cartooning course. He took those lessons very seriously, practicing al..."

Jean Gic

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"Jean Gic worked at Bray Productions as a director and storyman for the Goldwyn-Bray Pictographs."

Francis Lyle Goldman

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"Goldman began his career in the animation industry at Bray Productions where he worked on the Goldwyn-Bray Pictographs (1919-1920) as an animator, director and storyman. At the end of the 1920s, he found employment under the supervision of Paul Terry..."