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Andreas Deja

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Deja has worked in Disney more than two decades. He was always a fan of Disney since he was little. He wanted to become an animator in Disney studio when he saw Jungle Book at 10 years old. Then he went to art school to study graphic design and human and animal drawing in German. While he was still in school, he had contacted with Eric Larson (who was a head of the training program in Disney) and sent some of his best drawing to Eric.

Then Deja was invited to go to four weeks training cession in Disney and was hired to work in the studio in 1980. He has served as supervising animator for most memorable characters in Hollywood, like Roger Rabbit, King Triton, Gaston, Jafar, Hercules, Lilo, and Queen Narissa. He is the current resident specialist for the animation of Mickey Mouse and also working on a film The Princess and the Frog.

Family and early life

In Germany, Deja had always grown up with Disney and was exposed in Disney comics. When he was 10 years old, Jungle Book came out, He saw it and kept thinking he would like to work with great artists in the Disney studio in the future. Then he wrote to the studio and asked about how he can become a Disney animator and what training was involved. Then, he got nice letter back from the studio and they suggested him to go to art school to get solid academic art training and study human figure and animal study as well. The letter gave Deja a meaningful encouragement and helped him found the way to become a good animator.

Personal style

He has very strong background and knowledge in the style of Disney characters. He does both villains and heroic characters in different projects and he always like to explore different characters possibility through his work.


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Honors and awards

Winsor McCay Annie Award 2006




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