Earl Duvall

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Earl Duvall

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Duvall had a promising but short lived career in the animation industry. He first started working as a layout artist and later a member of the story department at Walt Disney Productions. During this time, he also worked as a cartoonist on Mickey Mouse and Silly Symphonies newspaper strips.

In 1933, Leon Schlesinger convinced Duvall to leave Disney and help him with Schlesinger’s studio’s recovery after Hugh Harman and Rudolf Ising’s departure. Duvall’s beginnings at Leon Schlesinger Productions were promising. He became the director of studio’s first color animation, Honeymoon Hotel (1934). However, after an argument with studio’s founder and president, Leon Schlesinger, Duvall was fired and forbidden to ever come back to the studio. After this incident, Duvall left the animation industry and returned to working in the comic industry.


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