Full Name:

Echo Henoche

Occupation / Title:


Date of birth:



Nain, NL

Associated studios:

The National Film Board of Canada


Echo Henoche is an Inuk artist and animator from Labrador. Her animation style is influenced by the Inuit art she grew up around in Labrador. She has worked with artists such as Asinnajaq and Elise Simard at the National Film Board, where she developed her unique style of hand-drawn and painted techniques.

Family and early life

Henoche grew up in Nain, Labrador. She is the granddaughter of Inuk artist Gilbert Hay.

Career outline

Henoche made her directorial debut with Shaman (2017); a collaboration with the National Film Board.

Personal style

Henoche exhibits a unique animation style of hand-painted and drawn techniques, primarily inspired by Inuit art as well as her surroundings where she grew up in Labrador. 


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