Frank Moser

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Frank Moser

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Similarly to other animators, Moser started his career as a cartoonist for newspapers and print publications. Soon, however, he turned his attention to animation, and in 1915 started working for Barré Studio, where he animated The Animated Grouch Chasers series. In 1916, he moved to International Film Service (IFM), and continued to work at the studio until 1921 even during and after studio’s annexation by Bray Productions in 1916. During those years, Moser animated and directed a number of popular series such as Kid Casey the Champion, Happy Hooligan, Bringing Up Father, Judge Rummy, Bud and Sussie, and Scat Cat (inspired by Pat Sullivan’s Felix the Cat).

In 1921, Moser joined Paul Terry at Aesop’s Fables Studio, where he worked on Aesop’s Fables series. Moser left Aesop’s Fables Studio at the same time as Paul Terry did, in 1929, and opened Moser-Terry-Coffman Studio with Paul Terry and Joseph Coffman. The studio was renamed Terrytoons in the same year, and both Moser and Terry were the heads of the newly created studio. In 1934 Moser sold his shares to Paul Terry, but continued to animate and direct for Terrytoons until 1937. The same year, Moser retired from working in the animation industry. While at Terrytoons, Moser animated and directed cartoons with such characters as Kiko the Kangaroo, and Puddy the Pup.


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