John Bauer

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John Bauer

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The death of his sister at the age of 13 affected him and his brothers a great deal. After a life of amazing illustration and painting, the war and his failing marriage convinced John Bauer to seek spiritual healing and rest in Stockholm. He, his wife and child were all killed when the Per Brahe ferry wrecked during transport.

Family and early life

Living in an apartment situated above their father’s charcuterie, he was always given to sketching and drawing. (Wikipedia)

Career outline

Bauer’s first major work was commissioned in 1904, when he was asked to illustrate a book on Lappland, not until 1907 would he become known for his illustrations of Bland tomtar och troll, the yearly fairy tale book, in which his most highly acclaimed works would be published in the 1912-1915 editions. Bauer also produced a fresco, Den helige Martin (The Holy Martin), which can be seen in the Odd Fellows lodge in Nyköping.  Bauer’s themes can be found in later works by the illustrators Arthur Rackham, Kay Nielsen and Brian Froud. (Wikipedia

Personal style

Dark and fantasy laced.


Albert Engström and Carl Larsson (Wikipedia)


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