Kevin Altieri

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Kevin Altieri, Image from Comic Vine.

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Kevin Altieri

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Kevin Alteri is an American television director of animated cartoons. He is best known for his work on Batman: The Animated Series and Pearl Jam’s music video “Do the Evolution”. A versatile talent lent to a long and project filed career in animation.  Insanely talented and prolific, Kevin has a reputation within the animation industry as being tough minded and highly demanding. Being able to get things done within budget and on time, Kevin continues to work in the industry he fell into. He is also known to get things done while working with overseas talent. 

Kevin started out with the passion for comics and living not too far from an art school, Kevin enrolled into the The Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art, or Joe Kubert School, located in Dover, New Jersey. On his way to becoming a comic book artist, Kevin got a gig at DIC working on Saturday morning cartoons, and thus he began his journey to the animation world.  Considered overweight in high school, Kevin is now a avid body builder, surfer, and athletic runner. 

Career outline

Fresh from the Joe Kubert School, the first gig Mr. Altieri got was at DIC working on Saturday morning cartoons. With years of experience within Animation for Television, Kevin is best known for his stint on Batman: The Animated Series which ran between 1992 – 1995. Other notable projects include being director of “Rat Bastard” (1999) and having the opportunity to work with Jim Lee of DC comics and Wildstorm to direct and produce the property “Gen 13”.


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