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Leo Sullivan

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Leo D. Sullivan began his career in 1959 after graduating from the Chouinard Art Institute. He first worked as an assistant to Warner Bros. producer Bob Clampett on the television show, Beany and Cecil. In 1965, Sullivan met fellow animator Floyd Norman while working at Disney, and began a friendship and artistic collaboration that continues to this day. The pair left Disney the following year, and founded Vignette Films Inc., a production company that specialized in educational films and contract work.

In the years since, Sullivan has contributed his talents as an animator, director, and timer to a wide variety of animated television shows, including Fat AlbertJabberjawThe Adventure of Muhammad AliScooby-DooThe Flintstones, Flash GordonMighty MouseAnimaniacs, and The Incredible Hulk. He also animated the original opening of The Soul Train. Most recently, in 2016, he and Norman have launched AfroKids.com with the goal of creating and distributing media with positive representation and role models for Black children. He is currently in the process of financing an interactive e-novel about the Tuskegee Airmen.


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