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Manuel Perez

Occupation / Title:

Date of birth:


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Arizona, USA.

Associated studios:


Manuel Perez – typically credited as Manny Perez – was a Mexican-American animator who worked at Warner Bros. studios from 1938 on. He worked for Friz Freleng’s unit for ten years, but they did not get along. Between 1955 and 1959 he did not work in animation, but he returned in the 1960s working on Warner cartoons as well as television projects such as The Pink Panther Show and various Charlie Brown specials. Later in his career he worked with Ralph Bakshi on such features as Fritz the Cat. Although not especially remembered today, he left his mark on the cartoons he worked on. In one moment in Ballot Box Bunny, for example, a storefront behind Yosemite Sam reads “M. Perez.” 




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