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Tissa David

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Tissa David was born in Transylvania on January 5, 1921. She received her education at the Academy of Beaux Arts, as well as co-owning an animation studio at the same place. After beginning her animation career in 1943 in Budapest, David escaped to Paris in 1950 in order to escape the Communist takeover of Hungary. During her stay in Paris, she worked for Jean Image and Paul Grimault (producers) and directed the feature animation Bonjour Paris.

In 1955, she moved to New York to work for UPA and became Grim Natwick’s assistant. Since then, David has been working in the east coast area as an animator and director for various companies such as UPA, Hubley’s Storyboard Films, Inktank, and Michael Sporn. She is mostly known for animating Raggedy Ann on Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure in 1977 along with Art Babbitt, Grim Natwick, and Emery Hawkins.

Career outline

Directed Bonjour Paris in 1953 Worked as Grim Natwick’s assistant at UPA in New York from 1955 Animated Of Men and Demons (short film for IBM) in 1969, was nominated for an Oscar Animated most of Upkeep (another short film for IBM) for Hubley’s in 1973/1974 Animated Raggedy Ann & Andy in 1977 Begins work with R. O. Blechman in 1978 for PBS Works for Michael Sporn on a number of films, past to very recent (2005) Has animated a number of other works (see Filmography), has had an animation career for over 60 years animating commercials and entertainment shorts

Personal style

UPA Pictures describes David to have a “distinctive European style.” Appropriate, as she has had her art education in Europe and worked in Paris until 1955.


Art education in Europe (Budapest, Hungary) Animation director in Paris (1953) Worked as Grim Natwick’s assistant from 1955

Honors and awards

Annie Award: Winsor McCay Award (1988) Golden Award (2005)




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