Wilson D. (Pete) Burness

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Wilson D. (Pete) Burness

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Throughout his career, Burness worked for a number of various studios. He began his career in animation as in-betweener for Romer Grey and Ted Eshbaugh. He quickly moved to Van Beuren Studios, where he animated The Little King series, to Harman-Ising Studio, and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Cartoon Studio, where he stayed the longest. As part of Hanna-Barbera Unit, he worked on the Tom and Jerry series. Before spending almost a decade working for United Productions of America (UPA), from 1949-1958, Burness did animation for John Sutherland and Warner Bros. Cartoons. While at UPA, he became the director of many of Mr. Magoo animations. The next decade, 1959-1969, Burness spent directing TV commercials and short animated films at Jay Ward Productions.


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