Animation Art in the Commercial Film

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Animation Art in the Commercial Film


Eli. L. Levitan

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New York: Reinhold Pub. Corp.


The author analyzes the animation of a television commercial, because she believes that the techniques used in the production of animated commercials are much varied than those used in theatrical animation. The book describes each process necessary for the production of animated film. Most illustrations that are included in this book come from a General Electric commercial advertising its transistor radios. 

The authors also assumes furthermore that the reader has no knowledge of the world of film, and breaks down the many levels of production there are in the making of an animated film, the planning, the production, and the filming. Levitan introduces the parts of planning composed of steps such as The Story Board, the Bar Sheet, the Cartoon Characters and Backgrounds. In the third section detailing the parts of production, Levitan introduces us to Timing, Extremes in action, Accents and Anticipation, Effects, Shadows, the Inbetweener, the Inker, and the Opaquer, simplifying in interesting and detailed language his authoritative knowledge on the subject. 

With the included addition of plentiful photographs and details with equipment and workers that reveal the actual process, as well as many cartoon illustrations revealing how characters are built on shapes and lines, the book is an extremely useful resource in understanding the workings of animation up until the time of the writing of the book. 


  • Levitan , Eli L. . Animation Art In the Commercial Film . New York : Reinhold Publishing Corporation , 1960 . Print.

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