Animation From Script to Screen

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Animation From Script to Screen


Shamus Culhane

Date published:



New York: St. Martin’s Press

ISBN: 0315021623


The author was an animator who worked for such important animation studios as the Bray Studio, Warner Bros. Animation, The Fleischer Brothers, the Disney Studio and Paramount.  The book covers every aspect of film animation, from basic mechanics to creating characters, describes writing, recording and acting for animations, discusses the role of each member of an animation team, explains the use of computers, storyboarding, and music in the animation-making, and even advices how to manage an animation studio. The book contains more than 130 illustrations, from the work of leading animators worldwide (including the author himself) to sketches that teach and graphic exercises for hands-on experience for the novice.


  • Culhane , Shamus . Animation: From Script to Screen . St. Martin’s Griffin , 1990 . 336 . Print.

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