Animation now! : Anima Mundi

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Animation now! : Anima Mundi


Julius Wiedemann

Date published:



Koln: Taschen

ISBN: 3822825883


The artists behind the cartoons are the focus of this study that brings the readers everything they ever wanted to know about today’s best animation specialists. Arranged A-to-Z, this book profiles 80 of the world’s most prominent artist/studios, including examples and descriptions of their work, as well a biographies, bibliographies, awards, and contact information.

This book includes richly printed showcases of detailed art work by animators, with short writeups of bios and contact information. The focus is the art and the variety of styles available in the world of animation. 


  • Edited by Wiedemann, Julius. Animation Now! . 25th Taschen Anniversary . Taschen , 2007. 351 . Print.

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