Before Mickey: The Animated Film 1898-1928

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Before Mickey: The Animated Film 1898-1928


Donald Crafton

Date published:



Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press

ISBN: 0262030837, 0262530589 (pbk.)


The book describes the history of animation from 1898 to 1928. The author explains various techniques of sketching and camera work, characterizes styles of such pioneering animators as Winsor McCay, Otto Messmer and Ladislas Starevitch, places animation in its social and economic context, and unravels the aesthetic impact of specific cartoons. The author argues that the early animation is remarkable for the way in which early animators interjected themselves into their art, at first appearing on the screen as characters and later through identification with heroes such as Felix the Cat.


  • Crafton , Donald . Before Mickey: The Animated Film 1898-1928. Chicago : University of Chicago Press , 1993 . 439 pages . Print.

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