Dazzled by Disney? : The Global Disney Audiences Project

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Dazzled by Disney? : The Global Disney Audiences Project


Janet Wasko

Date published:



New York: Leicester University Press, 2001

ISBN: 0718502612, 0718502604 (pbk.)


Products and characters created and distributed by the Walt Disney Company have played important roles in the popular culture of many countries. In some Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck comic books and films have been popular since the 1930s; in others, the Disney brand name is only now becoming culturally and economically significant. This book presents the result of a major research project which assessed the global expansion and reception of Disney products, including films, television programs and merchandising. The Global Disney Audiences Project involved analysis of audience reactions to Disney products in 18 different countries, examining the extensiveness and intensity of their marketing and the ambiguities and the contradictions in the reception of the Disney brand around the world.

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