Tex Avery: A Unique Legacy, 1942-1955

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Tex Avery: A Unique Legacy, 1942-1955


Floriane Place-Verghnes

Date published:



Eastleigh, UK: John Libbey Pub.; Bloomington, IN: Distributed in North America by Indiana University Press

ISBN: 0861966597


The author examines the work of Tex Avery.  The author first concentrates on Avery’s ability to depict the American attempt both to retrieve the past nostalgically and to catch the Zeitgeist of 1940s America, which confronts the questions of violence and survival. She also analyzes issues of sex and gender and the crucial role Hollywood played in reshaping the image of womanhood, reducing it to a bipolar opposition. Moreover, the author examines the comic language developed by Avery which, although drawing on the work of the Marx Brothers and Chaplin (among others), transcended their conventions. Finally, the author considers Avery’s place in the history of cartoon-making technique.

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