The Minneapolis Journal – 1937-12-06

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The Minneapolis Journal December 6th, 1937

Author:Carl Ed, Les Forgrave, Chester Gould, King, Lichty, J. P. McEvoy and J. H. Striebel, George McManus, Paul RobinsonDate published:



The Minneapolis Journal


Page 1

Grin and Bear it (Lichty)
Dick Tracy (Chester Gould)- “Crime Does Not Pay”
Etta Kett (Paul Robinson) – “Music to His Ears”
Dixie Dugan (J. P. McEvoy and J. H. Striebel) – “She Isn’t Through Yet!”
Big Sister (Leslie Forgrave) – “The Boys are Being Watched”
Bringing Up Father (George McManus) – “Peaceful Home!”
Gasoline Alley (Frank King) – “Bequeathed”
Harold Teen (Carl Ed) – “A Troubador in Trouble”

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