The Minneapolis Journal – 1937-12-07

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The Minneapolis Journal September 7th, 1937

Author:Carl Anderson, Branner, Fanny Cory, Gus Edson, Zane Grey, William Ritt and Clarence Gray, George SwanDate published:



The Minneapolis Journal


Page 1

Brick Bradford (William Ritt and Clarence Gray) – “What Is Brick Up To?”
Little Miss Muffet (Fanny Cory) – “Something Is Wrong”
Henry (Carl Anderson)- “The Wonder Child”
The Gumps (Gus Edson) – “Min’s Not So Dumb”
King of the Royal Mounted (Zane Gray) – “Fresh Tracks”
Winnie Winkle the Breadwinner (Branner) – “Success at Last!”
High Pressure Pete (George Swan) – “It Must Be the Couch”

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