The Minneapolis Journal – 1938-03-27

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The Minneapolis Journal - March 27, 1938

Author:Gene Ahern, Carl Anderson, Ed Anthony, Branner, Loy Byrnes, Edwina Dumm, Carl Ed, Gus Edson, Zane Grey, Chester Gould, Bill Holman, Frank King, Ed Leffingwell, Lichty, J.P. McEvoy and J.H. Striebel, George McManus, Zack Mosley, Al Posen, Paul Robinson, Sidney SmithDate published:



The Minneapolis Journal


Page 1

Dick Tracy (Chester Gould)

Page 3

Henry (Carl Anderson)
The Pussycat Princess (Ed Anthony)

Page 5

King of the Royal Mounted (Dave King)

Page 7

Smilin’ Jack (Zack Mosley)
Little Joe (Ed Leffingwell)

Page 9

Mr. and Mrs.
Deep Under the River

Page 11

Winnie Winkle the Breadwinner (Branner)

Page 13

The Lovebirds (Paul Robinson)
Etta Kett (Paul Robinson)

Page 15

Rosie’s Beau (George McManus)
Bringing Up Father (George McManus)

Page 2

Gasoline Alley (Frank King)
Corky (Frank King)

Page 4

Grin and Bear It (Lichty)

Page 6

Harold Teen (Carl Ed)

Page 8

Smokey Stover (Bill Holman)
Sweeney & Son (Al Posen)

Page 10

The Gumps (Sidney Smith)

Page 12

 The Squirrel Cage (Gene Ahern)
 Room and Board (Gene Ahern)

Page 14

Dixie Dugan (J.P. McEvoy and J.H. Striebel)

Page 16

Tippie (Edwina Dunn) – “All in Play”

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