The Minneapolis Tribune – 1938-04-17

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The Minneapolis Tribune - April 17, 1938

Author:Bill DeBeck, Walt Disney, Fontaine Fox, Jimmy Murphy, Alex Raymond, Clarence D. Russell, E.C. Segar, O. Soglow, Brandon Walsh, Russ Westover, Frank Willard, Chic Young, Lyman YoungDate published:



Page 1

Sappo (E.C. Segar)
Thimble Theatre (E.C. Segar)

Page 3

Bunky (Bill DeBeck)
Barney Google (Bill DeBeck) 

Page 5

Colonel Potterby and the Duchess (Chic Young)
Blondie (Chic Young) 

Page 7

Tonerville Folks (Fontaine Fox)

Page 9

Moon Mullins (Frank Willard)
Kitty Higgins (Frank Willard)

Page 11

Pete the Tramp (Clarence D. Russell)

Page 13

Jungle Jim (Alex Raymond)
Flash Gordon (Alex Raymond) 

Page 15

The Nebbs (Sol Hess) – “Cream Puffs Create Complications
Simp O’Dill (Sol Hess) – “Simp Nearly Wins a Bet” 

Page 2

 Curley Harper (Lyman Young)
Tim Tyler’s Luck (Lyman Young) 

Page 4

Ming Foo (Brandon Walsh)
Little Annie Rooney (Brandon Walsh) 

Page 6

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Walt Disney)
Mickey Mouse (Walt Disney) 

Page 8

Tillie the Toiler (Russ Westover)

Page 10

Sentinel Louie (O. Soglow)
The Little King (O. Soglow) 

Page 12

Little Orphan Annie (Harold Gray)
Maw Green (Harold Gray)

Page 14 

It’s Papa Who Pays (Jimmy Murphy)
Toots and Casper (Jimmy Murphy) 

Page 16

Apple Mary (Martha Orr)


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