The Minneapolis Tribune – 1937-08-30

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The Minneapolis Tribune August 30, 1937

Author:Walt Disney, Charles Flanders, Fonteine Fox, Harold Gray, Jimmy Hatlo, Sol Hess, Martha Orr, E. C. Segar, Chic YoungDate published:



The Minneapolis Tribune


Page 1

The Nebbs (Sol Hess) – “Crushed”
Secret Agent X9  (Charles Flanders) – “Answers to the G-Man’s Questions”
Popeye, the Sailorman (Segar) – “Poor Little Rich Boy”
Blondie (Chic Young) – “Well, It Coulda Been a Centipeed!”
Mickey Mouse (Walt Disney) – “A Marked Man”
Apple Mary (Martha Orr) – “Tucked Away in the Car”
Little Orphan Annie (Harold Gray) – “Post-Mortem”
Moon Mullins (Willard) – “Our Wayward Boy”
They’ll Do It Every Time (Jimmy Hatlo)
Tonerville Topics (Fontaine Fox)

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