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  • 1930s

    The Minneapolis Tribune – 1938-04-17

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    Author: Bill DeBeck, Walt Disney, Fontaine Fox, Jimmy Murphy, Alex Raymond, Clarence D. Russell, E.C. Segar, O. Soglow, Brandon Walsh, Russ Westover, Frank Willard, Chic Young, Lyman Young

    "Page 1Sappo (E.C. Segar)Thimble Theatre (E.C. Segar)Page 3Bunky (Bill DeBeck)Barney Google (Bill DeBeck) 

    The Minneapolis Tribune – 1938-12-09

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    Author: Charles Flanders, Fontaine Fox, Harold Gray, Jimmy Hatlo, Sol Hess, Segar, Willard, Chic Young

    "Page 1The Neebs (Sol Hess) - "Friendly Enemies"Secret Agent X9 (Charles Flanders) - "A Microscopic Clue!"Popeye, the Sailorman (Segar) - "Caught With a Carrot"Blondie (Chic Young) - "It's Daisy's Inning"Little Orphan Annie (Harold Gray) - "The Ticket..."

    The Minneapolis Tribune – Undated

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    Author: Billy DeBeck, Martha Orr, E.C. Segar, Brandon Walsh, Chic Young, Lyman Young,

    "Page 1Thimble Theatre (E.C. Segar)Page 3Apple Mary (Martha Orr)

    Three Little Pigs

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    Producer(s): Walt Disney

    Release Date: 27/05/1933

    "The story of the three little pigs with minor variations including the wolf's attempts to outsmart the pigs."

    Tommy Bond

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    "Tommy Bond was an American actor who got his start in the industry as a child at the age of 5. Bond passed away in 2005 due to heart disease. "

    Ub Iwerks Studio

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    "Ub Iwerks Studio was a short lived animation studio in the 1930s.  Ub Iwerks, one of the closest partners of Walt Disney in the 1920s, decided to open his own animation studio after he was offered financial support from Pat Powers. Flip the Frog was..."

    Van Beuren Studios

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    "Van Beuren Studios was an animation studio in the 1930s.  After Paul Terry left Aesop's Fables Studio, due to a disagreement over sound with his partner, Amadee J. Van Beuren, Van Beuren reorganized the studio, prepared it for the production of soun..."

    Vladimir William (“Bill”) Tytla

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    "Vladimir Tytla worked as an animator for several studios, including his own. His happiest times, and best work, were done at Disney Studios where he felt a certain atmosphere of artistry and care for the animated product, which fed his deep interest ..."

    Walt Disney Studio

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    "Walt Disney's Studio first found its headquarters in Burbank, California. A personal winner of of twenty Academy Awards within his lifetime, with a total of 63 total nominations, as well as 4 Special or Honorary Oscars, Disney is remembered as an ico..."