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  • Pinscreen

    Alexandre Alexandrovitch Alexeieff

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    "Alexandre Alexeieff was a Russian Paris-based illustrator and animator best known for inventing the pinscreen and totalization animation techniques with Claire Parker.Alexeieff was born inKazan,Russiain 1901. However, the family soon moved to Istanbu..."

    Claire Parker

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    "Claire Parker was an American engineer and animator who is best known for her collaboration with Russian animator Alexandre Alexeieff on inventing pinscreen animation.Claire Parker was born inBoston,Massachusettsto a wealthy and privileged family. Sh..."

    Night on Bald Mountain (1933)

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    "The very first pinscreen animation, Night on Bald Mountain is set to Mussorsgky's work of the same name. It features an eerie play of shadows and animal forms, merging the pastoral with the terrifying monstrosity of the mountain and the witches' Sabb..."