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    Porky’s Romance

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    Producer(s): Leon Schlesinger

    Release Date: 03/04/1937

    "Porky attempts to woo Petunia with flowers and candy. Though she initially spurns him, she invites him in when she sees the chocolate. Porky proposes to her, only to be cruelly rejected. He attempts to hang himself, only for the branch to break under..."

    Raymond “Ray” Patterson

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    "Ray Patterson was an Emmy nominated animator, cartoon director, producer, most noted for his work in the 40's during the “golden age” of animation on the legendary Tom and Jerry cartoon series, as well as animating with 

    Richard “Dick” Lundy

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    "Dick Lundy was an animator and director, associated with several studios, including Disney, MGM and

    Robert “Bob” McKimson

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    "Bob McKimson was one of the most-underrated and overlooked animators who worked at Warner Bros. during the golden age of animation. He directed many Academy Award-nominated shorts as a part of Looney Tunes and Merry Melodies series, creating cha..."

    Robert Fred “Freddie” Moore

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    "Freddie Moore was a highly influential animator with Walt Disney Productions in a crucial era of its development during the 30s, up until the production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (1937) and the establishment of the core group of animators k..."

    Rooty Toot Toot (1952)

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    Release Date: 1952

    "This cartoon depicts with transfiguring lines and shapes a courtroom-style musical drama. Characters are called up to the stand, each telling their side of the story, flashing back to each scene punctuated by the musical script. The opening sequence ..."

    Rudy Ising

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    "Ising began his animation career first working for Walt Disney, and was the lifelong business partner of Hugh Harman, producing Oscar-winni..."

    Sammy Timberg

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    "Sammy Timberg was the musical director for Fleischer Studios and one of the most important composers of music in the history of American cartoons. Although Timberg had a long career that began in vaudeville in the 1910s, Timberg is best known for th..."

    Scott Bradley

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    "Scott Bradley was a film composer who wrote acclaimed music for many memorable cartoons during the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s. He is best known for his work at MGM, scoring thea..."

    Seymour Kneitel

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    "Seymour Kneitel was an early American animator, most well known for his work with Fleischer Studios. After the studio closed, he headed its successor, Famous Studios."

    Shiver Me Timbers!

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    Producer(s): Fleischer Studios

    Silly Scandals

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    Producer(s): Max Fleischer, Adolph Zukor

    Release Date: 23/05/1931

    "This cartoon marks the origin of Betty Boop (at least the name anyway, the character, or at least one with an uncanny resemblance, had appeared before). Bimbo sneaks into a vaudeville theater to see Betty perform. He is enthralled with her performanc..."

    Snow White (1933)

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    Space Ghost: “The Heat Thing”

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    Release Date: 10/09/1966

    "Space Ghost imagines intergalactic adventures through the superhero Space Ghost and his sidekicks Jace and Jan, and their pet monkey Blip, who assist in keeping outer space free from trouble. Space Ghost was pivotal in the rising popularity of superh..."

    Steamboat Willie

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    Producer(s): Walt Disney, Roy O. Disney

    Release Date: 29/07/1928

    "The first Mickey Mouse cartoon with synchronized sound. Disney agonized over the synchronization of sound to the animation in Steamboat Willie. The cartoon also introduces a prototypical Minnie mouse. Mickey's pretty much a jerk within the narrative ..."

    Sterling Holloway

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    "Born in Cedartown, Georgia to a grocer, Sterling Holloway's acting career began in his teens, when he enrolled in the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City, where his classmates included Spencer Tracy and Pat O'Brien. After graduation, h..."

    Storyboard Studios/Hubley Studios

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    "After John Hubley was blacklisted by HUAC (House Un-American Activities Committee) for not testifying before the committee, he had to leave his position at United Productions of America (UPA) in 1952 and as a result founded his own independent animat..."

    Swing Shift Cinderella (1945)

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    Swooner Crooner

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    "Paul Terry opened his own animation studio, called Terrytoons, in 1929.   Paul Terry is known in the animation industry for producing his cartoons quickly, and for resisting improvements. Terry’s goal was to produce cartoons at the lowest cost po..."

    The Band Concert

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    Producer(s): Walt Disney

    Release Date: 23/02/1935

    "Mickey and his friends Peter Pig, Paddy Pig, Horace Horsecollar, Clarabelle Cow, and Goofy try to put on an outdoor concert. As they attempt to play the William Tell Overture they face many problems, chief among them Donald Duck and a pesky bee. "

    The Bandmaster

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    Producer(s): Walter Lantz

    Release Date: 18/05/1931

    "Oswald conducts, and then a slew of seemingly random events ensue. Although at moments narrative causality matters, for the most part spectacle drives the cartoon (for example, when objects seemingly magically transform)."

    The Grasshopper and the Ant (1954)

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    Release Date: 1954

    The Mad Scientist

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    Producer(s): Max FleischerAdolph Zukor

    Release Date: 26/09/1941

    "When a mad scientist holds Lois Lane hostage, only Superman can save her, and the rest of the city, from his diabolical plot."

    The Minneapolis Tribune – 1937-08-30

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    Author: Walt Disney, Charles Flanders, Fonteine Fox, Harold Gray, Jimmy Hatlo, Sol Hess, Martha Orr, E. C. Segar, Chic Young

    "Page 1The Nebbs (Sol Hess) - "Crushed"Secret Agent X9  (Charles Flanders) - "Answers to the G-Man's Questions"Popeye, the Sailorman (Segar) - "Poor Little Rich Boy"Blondie (Chic Young) - "Well, It Coulda Been a Centipeed!"Mickey Mouse (Walt Disney) ..."

    The Minneapolis Tribune – 1937-12-07

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    Author: Walt Disney, Charles Flanders, Fonteine Fox, Harold Gray, Jimmy Hatlo, Sol Hess, Martha Orr, E. C. Segar, Frank Willard, Chic Young

    "Page 1The Nebbs (Sol Hess)- "Independence"Secret Agent X9 (Charles Flanders) - "Trapped in the House of Mystery"Popeye, the Sailorman (Segar) - "The Goon-Catcher"Blondie (Chic Young) - "By Way of Verification"Mickey Mouse (Walt Disney) - "A Double in..."

    The Minneapolis Tribune – 1937-12-08

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    Author: Walt Disney, Charles Flanders, Fonteine Fox, Harold Gray, Jimmy Hatlo, Sol Hess, Martha Orr, E. C. Segar, Chic Young

    "Page 1The Neebs (Sol Hess) - "Money Shouts"Secret Agent x9 (Charles Flanders) - "A Startling Message" Popeye, the Sailorman (E.C. Segar) - "Goon-Bait"Blondie (Chic Young) - "Expressing His Feelings" Mickey Mouse (Walt Disney) - "A Surprising Denial..."

    The Minneapolis Tribune – 1938-04-10

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    Author: Bill DeBeck, Walt Disney, Fontaine Fox, Sol Hess, Jimmy Murphy, Martha Orr, E.C. Segar, Clarence D. Russell, O. Soglow, Brandon Walsh, Russ Westover, Frank Willard, Chic Young, Lyman Young

    "Page 1 Tillie the Toiler (Russ Westover).Page 3Colonel Potterby and the Duchess (Chic Young)Blondie (Chic Young)

    The Minneapolis Tribune – 1938-04-17

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    Author: Bill DeBeck, Walt Disney, Fontaine Fox, Jimmy Murphy, Alex Raymond, Clarence D. Russell, E.C. Segar, O. Soglow, Brandon Walsh, Russ Westover, Frank Willard, Chic Young, Lyman Young

    "Page 1Sappo (E.C. Segar)Thimble Theatre (E.C. Segar)Page 3Bunky (Bill DeBeck)Barney Google (Bill DeBeck) 

    The Minneapolis Tribune – 1938-12-09

    Filed under: resource, , , ,

    Author: Charles Flanders, Fontaine Fox, Harold Gray, Jimmy Hatlo, Sol Hess, Segar, Willard, Chic Young

    "Page 1The Neebs (Sol Hess) - "Friendly Enemies"Secret Agent X9 (Charles Flanders) - "A Microscopic Clue!"Popeye, the Sailorman (Segar) - "Caught With a Carrot"Blondie (Chic Young) - "It's Daisy's Inning"Little Orphan Annie (Harold Gray) - "The Ticket..."

    The Sliphorn King of Polaroo

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    Van Beuren Studios

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    "Van Beuren Studios was an animation studio in the 1930s.  After Paul Terry left Aesop's Fables Studio, due to a disagreement over sound with his partner, Amadee J. Van Beuren, Van Beuren reorganized the studio, prepared it for the production of soun..."

    Vladimir William (“Bill”) Tytla

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    "Vladimir Tytla worked as an animator for several studios, including his own. His happiest times, and best work, were done at Disney Studios where he felt a certain atmosphere of artistry and care for the animated product, which fed his deep interest ..."

    Walter Lantz Productions

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    "Walter Lantz was born on April 27th, 1899 in New Rochelle, New York, and died in Burbank, California on March 22nd 1994. He was one of the most prolific Hollywood producer, director, animator, Oscar nominated and produced more than 800 shorts, more t..."

    What’s Cookin’ Doc?

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    Producer(s): Leon Schlesinger

    Release Date: 08/01/1944

    What’s Opera, Doc?

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    Producer(s): Edward Seizer

    Release Date: 06/07/1957

    "In this parody of Wagner's The Ring Cycle, Elmer Fudd plays a viking endowed with a spear, magic helmet, and undying drive to kill the rabbit."

    William C. (Bill) Nolan

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    "Nolan was a innovative film animator and director during the early days of sound animation, working mostly with Walter Lantz and J.R. Bray<..."

    William Hanna and Joseph Barbera

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    "William Hanna and Joseph Barbera were two animators from MGM who began their own animated television studio, Hanna-Barbera Productions; a studio which would dominate and transform the industry from the 60s to the end of the century.William Denby “B..."