Animations from 1933

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Flip the Frog: Soda Squirt

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Producer(s): Ub Iwerks, Pat Powers

Release Date: 12/10/1933

Popeye the Sailor: Seasin’s Greetinks!

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Producer(s): Max Fleischer

Release Date: 17/12/1933

"Popeye and Olive Oyl go for a skate on a chilly winter day. Bluto tries to spoil their fun, but of course he's no match for Popeye and his spinach. "

Flip the Frog – Funny Face

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Three Little Pigs

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Producer(s): Walt Disney

Release Date: 27/05/1933

"The story of the three little pigs with minor variations including the wolf's attempts to outsmart the pigs."

Popeye the Sailor

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Producer(s): Max Fleischer

"This Popeye The Sailor cartoon features Betty Boop, as well as a live action intro featuring Popeye on the cover of a real newspaper. In this cartoon short Olive and Popeye go to the fun fare, and play games in attempt to win prizes, only to be usu..."