Pigs is Pigs

Directed by:

Friz Freleng


Leon Schlesinger

Animated by:

Bob McKimson

Paul J. Smith

Cal Dalton

A.C. Gamer

Ken Harris

Phil Monroe

Rod Scribner

Music by:

Carl W. Stalling

Milt Franklyn

Treg Brown


Warner Bros. Pictures

Release date:


Running time:

7 min


This 1937 Merrie Melodies short stereotypes pigs as gluttonous, insatiable beings whose mortal sins have explosive consequences. Piggy has a hunger that cannot be fulfilled, and much to the chagrin of his mother all he does throughout the day is fantasize about food. His selfishness drives him to not only consume his own share, but everyone else’s, too. The seven-minute short parodies Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times (1935) when Piggy encounters a mad scientist and his feeding machines. But where Chaplin was force fed to increase his efficiency as a worker, Piggy is force-fed in a nightmarish bid to increase his efficiency as a consumer. Happy Holidays!


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