Space Ghost: “The Heat Thing” ()

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Space Ghost: “The Heat Thing”

Directed by:

Joseph Barbera 

William Hanna

Animated by:

Ed Barge 

George Nicholas

Ed Parks

Music by:

Ted Nichols

Layouts by:

Walt Clinton

Mo Gollub

Alex Toth

Backgrounds by:

Rene Garcia

Bob Gentle

F. Montealegre


Hanna-Barbera Productions Inc. 

Release date:


Running time:

7 min

Color process:



Space Ghost imagines intergalactic adventures through the superhero Space Ghost and his sidekicks Jace and Jan, and their pet monkey Blip, who assist in keeping outer space free from trouble. Space Ghost was pivotal in the rising popularity of superhero cartoons in the 1960s, and paved the way for other superhero cartoons, such as Superman. Unlike Superman, however, Space Ghost was developed for television rather than adapted from comic books. Space Ghost had a variety of superpowers, but his ability to make himself invisible (thanks to his belt) was perhaps one of his most effective.

In “The Heat Thing,” while flying over Jupiter, a 30ft monster made of molten material that throws lava bomb attacks Jace. The cartoon addresses human fears of the unknown and the perceived threat of the “other,” which is depicted as a groaning, grumbling, red-hot mass in this episode. 


Barbera, Joseph, and William Hanna. The Heat Thing/The Worm People/Zorak. N.p., 1966. Film.

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