Wallace A. (Wally) Carlson

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Wallace A. (Wally) Carlson

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Carlson’s first job was in the publishing industry, but by 1914 he turned to animation. His first effort in animation was Joe Boko series, directed and produced by Carlson, and produced by Essanay Pictures and Powers Universal. He wrote, directed and produced another series for the same company, Dreamy Dud. He was subsequently hired by Bray Studio, where he was an animator and a director on Goodrich Dirt series, Otto Luck series, Us Fellers series, and Ink Ravings series.

In 1919, he founded his own studio, Carlson Studios, which produced The Gumps series (based on Sidney Smith comic strip), and distributed through MGM, but two years later he closed the studio, and started working as a cartoon artist. He debuted in 1923 with a family strip called The Nebbs, which was successfully drawn by Carlson from 1923 to 1946. He was also the artist behind two other comic strips: Simp O’ Dill and Mostly Malarkey.


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