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Leon Searl

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, ,

Date of birth:


Date of death:



Kansas City, Missouri, USA


Leon Searl (whose name is alternatively spelt “Leon Searle”) got his start as a newspaper cartoonist, first working for the Pulitzer Papers on the comic strip “Jimmy Johnnypants” from November of 1905 to February of 1906. He later went on to write at the Philadelphia Press Syndicate, where he contributed comics such as “Mrs. Timekiller,” “Why?,” and “George Washington, Junior.”  While working for the New York American, he created and “Heard Along the Rialto,” “The Bugville Newsreel,” and “Bugs Will Be Bugs,” the latter two part of a series of comics set in a fictional town populated entirely by bugs.

Searl would once again work with bugs when animating the short film “Krazy Kat – Bugologist,” one of several short films featuring Krazy Kat and Ignatz Mouse he made for International Film Service Inc. under the direction of George Herriman, the creator of the Krazy Kat comic strips. Searl also animated “Mr. Nobody Holme Buys a Jitney,” another work based on a comic strip by Herriman.

Leon Searle’s career was cut tragically short when he passed away in 1919 at the young age of 38.






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