Clyde (Gerry) Geronimi

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Clyde (Gerry) Geronimi

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Geronimi had a sister named Emma and a brother name Larry. They were born in Chiavenna, a town of Lombardy, Italy, in the province of Sondrio, and came to the US through Ellis Island around the year 1903.

Family and early life

Two sons (Gary Geronimi and Lyn Clyde Geronimi Sr.), three grandchildren (one named Lyn Clyde Geronimi Jr.) and three great-grandchildren.

Career outline

After leaving Hearst, Geronimi joined Walter Lantz at J. R. Bray’s studio and worked on Lantz’s Colonel Heeza Liar, and Dinky Doodle till 1926.  Geronimi continued to side with Lantz, when Lantz established his own studio in 1930 and animated on Oswald the Rabbit. 

In 1931, as a veteran animator, Geronimi joined Walt Disney Studios, where he helped in animating over fifty of the cartoons; Including some of the early Silly Symphony Cartoons.  Geronimi was promoted to Animation Director in 1938, and won his first Oscar in 1939 for the Silly Symphony, “The Ugly Duckling”. Three years after directing cartoons for Disney, he moved onto feature films.

In 1943, Geronimi directed “Education for Death: The Making of a Nazi,” one of 32 animated short propaganda films that the United States government commissioned Disney to produce. 

In the 1950s and 1960s, Geronimi began directing for Disney Television shows. After leaving Disney, Geronimi joined the United Productions of America where he directed The Dick Tracy Show, and The Adventures of Mr. Magoo. Geronimi made a return to Disney, and worked on his final animated feature: One-hundred and One Dalmatians, in 1961. Geronimi later directed cartoon series for different studios including: The New Casper Show (1963), Linus the Lion-hearted (1964), and Steven Krantz’s Spider-Man (1967-69).


Walter Lantz; Hearst Studios colleague




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