Full Name:

Richard (Dick) Huemer

Date of birth:


Date of death:



New York City, United States


An animator during the golden age of animation, Huemer worked for the Disney organization from 1933-1973, an impressive 50 years. Alongside his working partner Joe Grant, Huemer helped create some of the most compelling and memorable animations during his tenure at Disney and is best known for writing the screenplay of Dumbo. 

Career outline

His first job for Raoul Barre Cartoon Studio started in 1916, working his way up and becoming the head animation director at the Max Fleischer Studio, and holding a similar position at Charles Mintz. In 1933, Huemer had the opportunity to work at the emerging Walt Disney studio, contributing to Silly Symphonies and other animated shorts. 

Later on, Huemer became a story director, working alongside his partner Joe Grant – contributing to features like Dumbo, Alice in Wonderland, and Fantasia, reviving classic composers like Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky, which Ward Kimball claimed was Huemer’s influence on Walt.

Huemer left the studio for a short period, working as a freelancer on the comic strip Buck O’Rue from 1948-1951, returning later on to the industry to work on stories in television. Some of these works include various Disneyland TV series features – uncovering The Story of the Animated Drawing, Tricks of Our Trade, An Adventure in Art. 

Honors and awards

In 1978, Dick Huemer received a Winsor McCay Award” award from the group ASIFA for his lifetime achievements. 

In 2007, his son Dr. Richard Huemer accepted a Disney Legends award on his behave. 


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