Fred Cooper

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Full Name:

Fred Cooper

Occupation / Title:

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Date of birth:

December 29, 1883

Date of death:



Fred G. Cooper was born in Mc Minnville, OR. In 1904 he began his career in New York as a freelance designer and illustrator. He worked for several magazines and was a founding member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts. He was also a member of the Society of Illustrators, NY.

Career outline

F. G. Cooper illustrated books and magazine articles. He created theatre posters for the Food Administration and designed alphabets, one of which was called the “Cooper Letter.” He was one of the founding members of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA). During 1904-1930’s Cooper contributed to Collier’s Life, Liberty magazine. In 1910 he was a member of the Society of Illustrators, NY and of the Bohemian Club.

Between 1910-1919 he produced countless weekly “cartoonettes”, or spot illustrations, for Collier’s Life. These were used many times and were similar to clip art. In the 1920’s he made some comics strips. In 1928, Life put out an issue that was illustrated entirely by Cooper. He was also an illustrator for the Subway Sun in NYC, and in 1947 he became the editor.

Personal style

Cooper has a “unique take on form.” Mostly black and white pen and ink work.



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