Fred Crippen

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Fred Crippen

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Fred Crippen was born in the United States. Crippen is famous for being an animation director in many shorts and movies. Crippen’s occupational title is animation producer, director, writer and animator. He is one of those professional animators that are good at many things.  Fred Crippen graduated from Michigan State and also enlisted in the marine corp. After graduation he started his animation career at the Shamus Culhane studio in New York. After Shamus Culhane, Crippen worked at UPA in New York and then he transferred to UPA Hollywood.

When UPA started to fall apart he came upon Pantomime pictures in 1958. Pantomime produced the famous Roger Ramjet series, which Crippen was most famous for. Fred Crippen has also worked with Hanna-Barbera, Fred Wolf Films, Sony, DIC, Saban and Disney. Fred has taught animation and storyboarding at Cal arts, Glendale community college, Mt San Antonio College and the Art Institute of Orange County. 

Fred Crippen is known to be what is called an “animation geek.” He works hard on the shorts that he produces and it shows through his work. He puts his admiration and love for animation in every work he produces, he shows the same when he is teaching to aspiring animators. Fred Crippen produces works that are icons of the time, such as Roger Ramjet and kids segments from Sesame Street.  Fred Crippen influences many people from his work and from his teaching. He loves talking about his motivations in animation and his previous works. His directed series Roger Ramjet became a fan favorite, the popular show launched into a product line of t shirts, mugs and all kinds of stuff.

Honors and awards

Annie Award: Winsor McCay Award 2005




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