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Heck (Henry) Allen

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, , ,

Date of birth:


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Kansas City, Missouri, USA


Heck Allen was an American screenwriter, novelist and story artist who worked as a contract writer at MGM in the late 30’s, writing for Harman and Ising’s Barney Bear series and had a long standing collaboration with Tex Avery

Career outline

Born in Kansas City, Allen worked in a variety of odd jobs such as stablehand, gold miner and shop clerk before becoming a contract writer for the MGM animation division in 1937. Becoming a novelist in 1952, Allen published Westerns under various different pen-names, including Will Henry and Clay Fisher. Over the course of his career as a novelist, he published over 50 books, 8 of which went on to become screen adaptations. Allen’s Westerns include No Survivors, From Where the Sun Now Stands, Seven Legends West and The Ballad of Billy Boonney. 

Allen passed away on October 26th, 1991 from pneumonia. 


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