Norman (Norm) Blackburn

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Norman (Norm) Blackburn

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Blackburn began his adventure with animation in the late 1920s, probably in 1927, at Walt Disney Studios, where he worked with Rudolf Ising, Hugh Harman and Isadore Freleng. The friendship with those animators proved fruitful for Blackburn since after a brief period at Walter Lantz Productions, working on the Oswald the Rabbit series, he was hired by Harman and Ising Studio, while the studio distributed its animation through Warner Bros. Cartoons and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Cartoon Studio.

While at Harman and Ising Studio, Blackburn worked on Bosko and Merrie Melodies cartoons, among others. During the 1930s, he also briefly worked at Ub Iwerks Studio, from 1933-1935, where he was involved in working on ComiColor cartoons, animations made with the use of two-color system called Cinecolor process.


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