Cartoon Monickers: An Insight Into the Animation Industry

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Cartoon Monickers: An Insight Into the Animation Industry


Walter M. Brasch

Date published:



Bowling Green: Bowling Green Popular University Press

ISBN: 0879722436


The book presents the history of cartoons, film and television industries, as well as American social values. This book is moreover interested in why and how things came to be in animation, as they were a part of the birth of motion pictures that occured at the turn of the century, appearing in almost every live-action film at the time. By the 60’s though, cartoons were revived and designated to a younger viewing audience, this book explores the history of cultural industries that was intrinsically linked to the golden age of animation. 


  • Brasch, Walter M. Cartoon Monickers: An Insight into the Animation Industry. Bowling Green, Ohio: Bowling Green University Popular Press, 1983. Print.

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