Animations from 1933

Flip the Frog: Soda Squirt

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Producer(s): Ub Iwerks, Pat Powers

Release Date: 12/10/1933

Popeye the Sailor: Seasin’s Greetinks!

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Producer(s): Max Fleischer

Release Date: 17/12/1933

"Popeye and Olive Oyl go for a skate on a chilly winter day. Bluto tries to spoil their fun, but of course he's no match for Popeye and his spinach. "

Snow White

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Night on Bald Mountain

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"The very first pinscreen animation, Night on Bald Mountain is set to Mussorsgky's work of the same name. It features an eerie play of shadows and animal forms, merging the pastoral with the terrifying monstrosity of the mountain and the witches' Sabb..."

Candy Town

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Release Date: 01/13/1933

Flip the Frog – Funny Face

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"This early Ub Iwerks cartoon strangely titled "Funny Face" features Flip the Frog and his romantic interest, a Betty Boop imitation. In an early scene, she picks a Pinocchio look-a-like over Flip, and this rejection prompts Flip towards a facial exch..."

Three Little Pigs

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Producer(s): Walt Disney

Release Date: 27/05/1933

"The story of the three little pigs with minor variations including the wolf's attempts to outsmart the pigs."

Popeye the Sailor

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Producer(s): Max Fleischer

"This Popeye The Sailor cartoon features Betty Boop, as well as a live action intro featuring Popeye on the cover of a real newspaper. In this cartoon short Olive and Popeye go to the fun fare, and play games in attempt to win prizes, only to be usu..."